Friday, July 24, 2015

Dance Class for a 3 Year Old

Last summer Buggy and I did a Mommy and Me creative movement class at a local dance studio and it was far from love for her. Despite a love of music and dancing, she just couldn't get into the class... even though it was mostly free dance with a few across the floor activities such as rolling and skipping. I don't know if it was her feeling shy and/or out of place and couldn't find her comfort zone.

Regardless of the past, Buggy said she wanted to do dance class again this summer, so I signed her up for the same class. It's a class for 2-3 year olds, so she'll be one of the older kids this summer which may help her confidence level- especially since she's physically stronger and more advanced this summer. 

The first class went pretty well. She ran out to her "spot" for warm ups and was ready to go, but then some of the other kids started flipping out about needing their moms to stand with them, so I think she got nervous and wanted me right next to her. She was a little clingy through the warm up and stretching, but when it was time to do jumps and rolls across the mat, she ran away and wanted to be first for each one. When the parachute came out, I don't even think she remembered I was there. They ended class with some freeze dance and she was running around, spinning, and having a blast.

The second class was even better. She clung for less time and after stretching she didn't even look at me until she ran over to ask me to take a picture of "all of them". The ride home both time was spent talking about how much fun she had and asking if she can go again tomorrow; so clearly she's enjoying it. I'm also loving that it's weekly mommy-Fynn time. It's great to get out of the house with just her to do something fun together. 

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