Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June Reads

June brought the end of the school year and the end of my 30 book goal for the school year. I'm happy to say that I exceeded my goal by one book which isn't a lot, but I'm still proud of myself considering how crazy of a school year this has been. 

28. The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner
This was such an intense book. Very similar to an episode of Criminal Minds (which I no longer watch because it gives me nightmares). In short, it's the story of a woman who realizes her husband is a serial killer and is after her. She helps the police arrest him, but he escapes two years later from prison and goes on another killing rampage trying to get to his wife. The book was a little gory, but so interesting and engaging that I couldn't put it down. I read this book mostly during my pumping sessions when I was back at work, and it was so good it made me want to keep pumping :) 

29. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell
This was such a random pick, but ended up being a really good book. It's told from the perspective of a guy named Lincoln whose job is to read flagged e-mails at a newspaper to see who is misusing work e-mail. E-mails written between two women, Jennifer and Beth, keep getting flagged, but instead of sending them a warning, he continues reading, and begins to fall for one of them- even though he's never met her. It sounds kind of creepy and stalker-ish, but the character of Lincoln is so well developed that you just end up feeling bad for him and wanting him to get the girl. 

30. The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts
I knew I would cave and read this book. It's the second in the series and I'm a sucker for characters I love. This one involves the brother from the first book and the restaurant owner and of course (in typical Nora form) they realize they're in love with each other after thinking of themselves as just friends for years and then the fight/almost break up... yep, I'm a sucker... there's a 3rd book and I'll probably read it this summer.

31. Eyes on You by Kate White
Another creepy book book selection. This one has a famous news anchor who begins receiving threatening notes and "gifts". As the story progresses the threats get more intense and scary, especially when she realizes that they must be coming from someone close to her. Okay, so I liked the mystery aspect of this book because it was done well and you really kept second guessing "whodunit" until the very end when you realize you should have known from the very beginning. That part was good. But the main character, Robin, drove me nuts. She avoided involving people in the investigation, she did things that were risky when she knew someone was after her and she actually ate a brownie that was left for her when she didn't know who it came from (and was dumb enough to be shocked that it was laced with something). She just kept making stupid moves and trusting the wrong people... it just wanted to slap her, so it made it hard to feel bad for her when things continued to go wrong. 

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