Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Workout Plan: Week 2

I'm kind of blowing this whole workdown thing... this week was not good at all in terms of my workouts OR my eating... we'll chalk it up to the holiday weekend and Fynn's birthday. I guess.

Monday: I got the week off to a great start by doing Focus T25 Cardio at naptime. Bentley work up during the cooldown and flipped out, but I got the entire workout done and did my own cooldown by walking around with him.

Tuesday: Fail. Fynn's daycare was unexpectedly closed and she was in rare form. Even though we spent the morning at the beach and she was she refused to take a nap, which meant no workout for me.

Wednesday: I did T25 Lower Focus which I'm pretty sure is my favorite T25 workout. It's intense and leaves me dripping with sweat and my legs shaking which sounds miserable, but makes it feel like I've made good use of my time.

Thursday: T25 Ab Intervals- I've been thinking that I was do this wrong; I end up with my back aching more than my abs. Drew watched me during part of this and made me realize that my form was off for a big part of it. Once I fixed that, it was a much better ab workout. 

Friday-Sunday: Major Fail. Between Fynn's actual birthday, her birthday party, and recovering from those two days... a workout was the last thing on my mind,

I worked out 3 times this week... here's to hoping I find more success next week. I need to do more than hope though, I have to do a better job of making it happen.

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