Friday, July 31, 2015

Summer Workout Plan: Week 5

Monday: T25 Ab Intervals. I rocked this. Both kids napped at the same time (thank you nap gods!) Totally kicked butt. I finished up drenched in sweat and on Wednesday my abs were still sore which felt good. I'm a freak.

Tuesday: T25 Lower Focus. Another win. Rocked this out while B was napping in the morning which was a great start to a busy day. 

Wednesday: T25 Cardio. I didn't get the chance to workout during the day, but when Drew got home he took B to the grocery store with him and Buggy was taking a late nap so I managed to squeeze it in. Just barely. Bugs woke up as I was heading upstairs for my shower. 

Friday: T25 Total Body Circuit- Still hate it. Still sweat like crazy, so I guess it's a good workout. 

Lost a pound this week. It was probably just a matter of weighing myself after nursing, but I'll call it a success anyways. 

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