Monday, August 24, 2015

I've lost my voice

Metaphorically speaking. Physically I'm still able to yell down the stairs for Fynn to knock it off... but my writing voice, that I've lost.

I started this blog more than 4 years ago as a place for myself. To document and share and flex my puny communication skills, but really just because I'm a vapid narcissistic who likes the sound of her own voice (or keyboard).

And then the blog got bigger and sponsorship came in and I got some swag and some cash and I started molding this place of mine on the internet after bigger fish I strove to become. And I lost me. And I lost the joy in writing.

The last couple of months I've been blogging out of a self-inflicted sense of obligation. Which is something I never wanted to do. I always swore that when it wasn't fun anymore, I wouldn't do it... which is why it's been crickets around here for a couple of weeks. 

Life has been busy. And fun. And overwhelmingly filled with love and chaos and headaches and laughter and tears. Life with two tiny humans is the most amazing and horrific thing I've ever done and I've just been enjoying it this summer.

That joy hasn't been in my writing.

So. Here goes. My blog rebirth. I'm writing for me and what makes me happy and I'm not going to worry about having the "right" tone or style or even grammar really. Sure, there will still be sponsored posts. This blog doesn't run itself for free and I like pretty things, but I'm focusing on what's important from here on out. And if I'm not inspired to write, then I won't.

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