Monday, August 3, 2015

When will the madness end?

I have an obsession. If you know me in real life, you've probably heard all about it; I'm obsessed with babywearing. I can't help myself. They're adorable and practical and allow me to get stuff done all while snuggling this teeny-tiny human that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

But it is sheer madness. I wrote about my obsession back in January, and again in March, and since then it has only gotten worse. 

With Fynn I had a Bjorn, a hiking carrier, a mai tai and a Seven Sling. They got used occasionally, but they weren't "must haves" and I didn't get all into it. Then I was prego with B and asked on a mothering group FB page about how they manage a toddler and newborn. "Babywearing!" I was told, over and over again. So I looked into it. 

That's wear the obsessing began. Before B was born, I convinced Drew to buy an Ergo 360 (with the infant insert). Then when B was just a couple of weeks old I realized that he was just too tiny for the Ergo and NEEDED a ring sling. So I got one off Etsy and it was tiny-squish, babywearing love. For the first three months of his life I wore him daily in either our mai tai or ring sling and was oh so happy. Once B was big enough to fit comfortably in the Ergo, I fell in love with Tulas. They just looked so cute and comfy and hello, the prints were adorable. So I began obsessing. 

When the gorgeous Spotted Love Tula was restocked, I bit the bullet and just bought one because I had been stalking the buy/sell/trade Facebook page for weeks looking for one at or just above retail. (to clarify, unlike everything else in the world, used Tulas actually sell for more than new most of the time especially if it's a limited or discontinued print. Sometimes at crazy-high prices that will nake your head spin).

I should be all set. I currently have seven! (omg, that sounds ridiculous) Seven baby carriers. That's enough to wear him in a different one every day. Seriously, enough carriers for just about every baby-wearing situation.


To clarify, I just want more Tulas, because they totally live up to their hype, but I just want them. They are everything my mommy-heart desires and I just want to scoop them all up. But that would be ridiculous. And I shouldn't do that. But I want to.

So help me though, if Prepster shows up anywhere at retail, I'll be scooping it up before you can say #wearallthebabies. 

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