Monday, September 28, 2015

The Gist of Things

  • Right now things are crazy- there just aren't enough hours in the day for a full time job (at which I pump 4 times a day), the grad school class from hell, taking care of 2 kids and a dog and attempting to get at least 4-6 hours of sleep a night. I knew something had to give; so it's the blog and the cleanliness of my house. I've never claimed to be a neat person, but the state of our home these days is just shameful... if only I had the energy to feel shame over it.
  • My grad school class is consuming me, and leaving me stressed and anxious all the time. 11 more weeks of this misery and only one more class after that... I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it in the end... right?
  • I forgot how all-consuming being a working, breastfeeding mom. While I try to focus on my students and their myriad of needs during the school day, but the boobs have definitely been a priority some days and I find myself correcting papers, reading teacher's editions and tapping out parent e-mails on my phone while pumping. If nothing else, my multi-tasking skills have been significantly improved... If only I could nap while pumping, my life would be complete.
  • Because yes, of course, once I went back to work my formally great-sleeping bambino decided that nursing all night long was the way to go, so nights are not in the least bit restful.
  • I've now used up the 10 minutes of free time I allotted myself before diving into my action research project...peace out until the next time I can procrastinate.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday mornings.

Friday night Drew tried to convince me to stay up for one more episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix by saying I wouldn't have to get up with Fynn the next morning;

"We'll cuddle and spoon until 7am when I'll move and she'll get up. Then we'll share a pot of coffee while we watch Dora the Explorer."

At least they have their routine. And I get to sleep.

Alas, he lied, Bentley ended up being up at 6 and Fynn and 6:30, so we were all up and moving despite my body's protests and demands for more sleep.

Friday, September 11, 2015

July and August Reads

In working towards my current reading goal of 60 books before I turn 30, here's what I read in July and August:

1)Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult
Like all her books this one was spell binding. I really wish she had millions of books because I could subside off of her books alone. The way she weaves characters and their stories is always flawless. This one revolves around elephants. The main main character is a young girl who wants to find her mother; a former elephant sanctuary co-owner who disappeared the same night one of the other elephant handlers was found dead. Initially the story seems straightforward, but of course Picoult surprises you in the end and stuns you with something you should have realized all along.

2) Toddlers Are A**holes by Bunmi Laditan
I had been reading this book on and off since my friend gave it to me in June, but in July I sat down and finished it after having a couple of particularly rough days with a certain 3 year old. This book was hilarious and details all the ways a toddler tortures and beats down the adults in his/her life. I related to so many of the things horrible toddlers do, and it often made me laugh because no one toddler could be THAT horrible. This book definitely served its purpose of making me feel better about my own kid.

3) The Thief of Always by Clive Barker
This book was in my new reading curriculum and immediately caught my eye. It's a fantasy story with a bit of a dark side. In it kids are enticed to go to the Holiday House where all of their wants will be met. The main character, Harvey, goes there because he's bored and soon discovers just how perfect it is... until he realizes that getting everything he's ever wanted actually doesn't make him happy. Shocker. The dark side comes when he realizes that leaving won't be so easy. 

4) One Plus One by Jojo Moyes
A random pick at the library before vacation in August, but I ended up really like it. In this book, a single mom who's struggling to make ends meet tries to make a big change to help her daughter go to private school. She ends up getting help from a rich man whose house she cleans and (of course) they end up falling for each other. There were no major twists or craziness in this book, but it was still and interesting and enjoyable book- especially when you're on vacation.

5) The Painted Girls by
I love historical fiction, I just love reading about living in different times. This book was interesting because it focuses on ballet girls in Paris, especially Marie, Antionette, and Charlotte van Goethem- sisters who all approach dance in different ways and have different experiences with teachers, boys, and trying to make enough money to keep their family fed. I wasn't enthralled by this book, but I found it interesting and enjoyed it.

6) The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
Again, I love Jodi Picoult and all her books, but this one may be my favorite. Okay, I say that about all of them, but this one I just couldn't get off my mind while reading it and even after I was done it stuck with me. This one focuses around the Holocaust. Picoult weaves the story of a modern day atheist with physical and emotional scars who meets a man who claims to be a former Nazi. As she investigates his past (along with a man from the FBI) she learns all about her grandmother's experience in the Holocaust. The story is told from the perspectives of two Nazi officers, a young girl in the midst of things, and present day characters as well. This book made my heart heavy and reminded me again just how lucky I am to live the life I do.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The next 16 weeks may be the death of me.

My grad school class that started last Wednesday, may kill me. I actually cried Wednesday night looking at all that is involved in this class and picturing doing all of it while taking care of my two babies, working full time and trying to get a little bit of sleep in. Oy to the vey.

This last week has been hell on wheels with going back to work and having my class start and I'm feeling painfully stressed and lacking for time. There just aren't enough hours in the day to get everything I've committed to done. 

As I'm writing this, I'm alternating sentences with blowing on Bentley's belly, checking my grad class discussion forum for feedback on my proposal (which is due tomorrow, YIKES) and praying that Fynn stops yelling soon and takes a much needed (by all of us) nap.

Last week was one of the hardest weeks I've had in a long time. Worse than going back to work for a bit when Bentley was 3 months old. Those first days of school are always exhausting and hectic, but throwing in some sleep deprivation, pumping four times a day at work and this crazy class I'm taking and I just felt pulled in too many directions at once. By the time I got home at night my chest felt tight and I desperately wanted just a few minutes to myself. Instead I got Fynn melting down because she didn't nap, Bentley clinging like crazy because he missed me, and the dog freaking out because she was alone all day.

I'm hoping this week is going to be better. That I'll get into a routine at school that allows me function better and that I can find more time at night after the kids go to bed to get both school work and grad work done.

Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

My first 29th birthday.

From here on out, subsequent birthdays shall merely be the anniversaries of my 29th birthday as I think 30 is just too strange when I still feel like I'm 17 most days.

Last Thursday was my birthday. As usual I looked forward to it with childish abandon, and as usual I was disappointed. Adult birthdays just aren't any fun. No one gets all excited, you don't get a big party, or tons of presents, and you look like a fool if you go around pronouncing it's your day of birth all day, so most people just have no idea.

The morning started off rough as I was tired (courtesy of a 3 year old who wakes up screaming at the wee hours of the night and a clingy bambino who was very upset that I had been back at work that week). That tired led to me snapping at Drew about getting everything ready for the morning and me leaving almost n tears because he hadn't even said happy birthday. Lame Drew, Lame. 

I had drop off that morning which meant I couldn't pump on the way to work like I usually do (too many distractions to be even remotely safe) and I got to work 25 minutes later than usual. I had just enough time for a 15 minute pumping session before starting off with my kids. That session was long enough to realize I had forgotten the bottle bags (that I put pumped bottles into before putting in the work fridge) AND my freezer bag that I put my pump in between session so I don't have to wash it every time.

When I finally made it to my classroom, I discovered a super-sweet coworker had bought me one of my beloved DD iced teas and another brought me gorgeous flowers. I thought my awful morning was ending. (Drew even called to wish me a happy birthday, finally). The Facebook posts and texts were arriving and I was starting to feel all loved. 

Then I tripped over my computer cord and spilled my iced tea all over the carpet in my classroom. Major bummer. My students were incredibly sweet and grabbed millions of paper towels to mop it all up. The rest of the morning was hectic and busy with pumping, meetings, and 22.2 seconds to scarf down some lunch before the kids got back.

Thankfully Drew took care of me and the day got better with some Thai food for dinner, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes (yum!) and a cute card from the kids. I also got a good laugh when I realized that Drew doesn't know how to spell his own son's name. Good thing I took care of all the paperwork in the hospital :) 

The day got better, and it ended up being a nice birthday, but birthdays just don't feel special anymore which is such a disappointment. I guess that just means I need to be a real grown up and stop caring so much about the anniversary of my birth... no promises, but I'll work on it. 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Bentley is 6 months old!

Actually, Bentley was 6 months old over a week ago, but I'm a crap mom and he's the second born, so while I acknowledge the excitement of half a year last more than 2 weeks ago, I didn't get around to taking his 6 month picture until a week later or writing this post until yesterday. #momfail

  • Bentley-boy continues to be the sweetest and happiest baby that ever graced the planet (or at least that I've come into contact with. I mean seriously, this kid hardly ever cries. He loves life and can always find something to grin about. If he is upset, he'll make less-irritating noises to tell us he's hungry/tired/bored... if he gets to the point of actually crying, we know we haven't been paying attention to his cues.
  • He's a little flirt too; he will go to anyone who wants to hold him and loves to grin, coo, and bat his sweet little eyes at him until they cave and acknowledge how freaking adorable he is.

  • We started solids about a week before his 6 month b-day by giving him some chunks of avocado which were not well-received. Since then he's had some watermelon, banana, and apple. We're continuing to do the baby-led weaning method we did with Fynn. So far it's going well and I'm way less worried about doing it the "right" way this time, so we're just taking it one day (and food) at a time.
  • This kid is a mover and a shaker. He rolls, crawls, and scoots his way to wherever he wants to go. Forward crawling is a slow process, but he can book it backwards at scary speeds and has found other methods that get him around. 

  • He also sits up completely unassisted and can get himself in and out of a sitting position alone. I don't even know if these are age-appropriate milestones, but I feel like Fynn was doing these things way later.
  • He loves to explore. If I put him down on the floor he just scoots around from toys to books to whatever random crap is also on the floor and is completely happy.
  • This past week he's been making more sounds- particularly a high-pitched screech which I can see getting old, but is still new enough to be cute.
  • He's been sleeping through the night since he was 3ish months old. Last week we were on vacation and his sleep cycle got a little screwed up (going to bed for the night at 10 instead of 8 for example), but I think we're getting back on track. Even though he was going to bed later, he was still sleeping through until 4-5 AM which makes him my favorite child (sorry Fynn if you're reading this in the future... but you should have slept more)
  • His naps have been shorter lately, and I'm wondering if he's transitioning from needing 3 naps instead of 2. We'll see. I have a feeling 3 will stick for a bit since I start back at work next week and he'll probably end up taking a 3rd nap on the way home at night since it's a 45 minute commute right at the time he usually takes his 3rd nap.
  • At his 6 month check up Wednesday, he weighed in at 14 lbs 6 oz and is 2' 2" tall. He's wearing size 2 diapers and 6 month clothing.. although last night Drew put him in 9 month pjs and I cried a little bit on the inside. 
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