Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday mornings.

Friday night Drew tried to convince me to stay up for one more episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix by saying I wouldn't have to get up with Fynn the next morning;

"We'll cuddle and spoon until 7am when I'll move and she'll get up. Then we'll share a pot of coffee while we watch Dora the Explorer."

At least they have their routine. And I get to sleep.

Alas, he lied, Bentley ended up being up at 6 and Fynn and 6:30, so we were all up and moving despite my body's protests and demands for more sleep.

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  1. I think the best part of this is that DREW was trying to convince YOU to stay up for another ep of Grey's. My husband would rather eat glass then sit through it (but I still make him). I feel your pain though. I wanted to start piyo today by getting up at 5 and of course my kid wakes up at 4:48am and refuses to go back.


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