Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Parenting Success

There are so many things about parenting that I'm unsure of. Things I regret, would do differently, or worry are scarring my kids for life. But the one thing, I know we're doing right:

Our kids know we love them. Well, at least Fynn does, Bentley can't communicate this fact yet, but I can tell.

Fynn tells us she loves us multiple times a day. She'll grab our faces out of no where just to plant a kiss and say "love you". The other day I was talking to her about being safe while walking the dog and she said "you keep me safe because you love me, mom". And while the fact that she calls me Mom more and more these days rather than Mama or Mommy makes me realize just how much she's growing up, the fact that she so matter of factly assumes my love for her just melts me. 

I'm by no means a perfect mom. Some days I'm the worst. But my kid knows she's loved.

That's enough for me. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

5 More Weird Facts About Me

I haven't done a post like this for awhile, but it seems like a good time to out some more of my strangeness. You're welcome.
  1. If you say "cray" or "cray cray" out loud in front of me, I will lose all respect for you. Though, to be honest, if you're the type of person who says that, I probably didn't have any respect for you to begin with
  2. I don't cut my nails unless they break, and even then I just trim the broken ones until they're decently shaped and then move on with my day.
  3. Speaking of nails, since having kids I refer to my pinky nails as "booger pickers" and am bummed when they break
  4. I'm super freaked out that I'll ruin my perfect 4.0 GPA in grad school during these last two classes. Because that would clearly be a tragedy 
  5. I am obsessed with all things breastfeeding. If I could, I would totally bail on teaching and become a lactation consultant, that's how into nursing I am. Seriously, it's facinating stuff and I read any and everything I can get my hands on regarding nursing. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Glamulet for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is well-known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everything lately is pink and pink ribbons and focused on raising awareness and money to support breast cancer charities. I love that, as a society, we're able to get behind this movement and support so many women and their loved ones faced with breast cancer. I also love teams, groups, and businesses that go above and beyond to support this important cause. 
Glamulet is joining in this month with their new, limited charms for breast cancer awareness month. Glamulet charms are beautiful, and varied; allowing you to mix and match to create personalized jewelry that truly represents you. For the month of October, they've created a special Pink Charms line to support breast cancer awareness. These charms are gorgeous, but they're more than that as Glamulet donates 50% of their sales from the Pink Charms line to charities that support breast cancer. 

ain't nobody got time for that

*I received product samples in exchange for my honest opinion.

Yes. I did just title my post that.

But I'm talking nails. As in I keep trying to do mine and five minutes after I paint them I end up needing to nurse/change/procure a snack for one of my tiny humans and end up with smeared, chipped or otherwise ruined nails. The first month of school I rocked some half-peeled blue sparkle polish because I didn't have time to repaint and I was too lazy to find the polish remover. It was classy.

BrandBacker was kind enough to send me some samples of imPress press on nails to try out which I figured was a no brainer due to the aforementioned nail situation. Here's the deal:


  • Super easy. I'm talking 5 minutes from opening the box to moving on with your day
  • Those bad boys are stuck on tight. which means I went straight from pressing the nails on to typing on the laptop without hesitation.
  • Easy. I half read the instructions and still managed to make it work
  • No drying time: which is where my manicures usually bite the dust. 
  • They're pretty and shiny- when my manicures are usually semi-streaky and uneven.
  • Easy to remove- I haven't taken the off yet, but I did screw one up and it was easy to peel off
  • Several of my natural nails were longer than the press-ons... which probably just means I need to cut my nails more often
  • Even though they come with 24 nails per pack, I still had a couple that didn't have a great fit... not sure if that's a common issue or I just have weird size nails
  • If you accidentally put them on crooked or otherwise wrong, peeling them off to replace bends the nail up a bit.

The pros absolutely outweigh the cons and I like my imPress manicure. I received two different colors, and went with the darker ones this time around, but once I take these off, I'm excited to try out the light tan colored ones I got too.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Still alive


  • Life these days consist of:
  • wake up
  • get kids ready
  • go to work
  • pick kids up
  • scramble to fit dinner, play, and showers into the 2 hours we have before bed time
  • put Fynn to bed
  • struggle to get Bentley to sleep
  • frantically attempt to get grad school work done
  • shower
  • bed
  • up 4-5 times a night to feed/re-sleep baby
  • wake up and do it all again

It gets easier... right?

If you're just missing me too, I insta-the-gram way too regularly due to it's (duh) instantaneous feature. Add me @Amanda102602 and we can be virtual besties. 
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