Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Parenting Success

There are so many things about parenting that I'm unsure of. Things I regret, would do differently, or worry are scarring my kids for life. But the one thing, I know we're doing right:

Our kids know we love them. Well, at least Fynn does, Bentley can't communicate this fact yet, but I can tell.

Fynn tells us she loves us multiple times a day. She'll grab our faces out of no where just to plant a kiss and say "love you". The other day I was talking to her about being safe while walking the dog and she said "you keep me safe because you love me, mom". And while the fact that she calls me Mom more and more these days rather than Mama or Mommy makes me realize just how much she's growing up, the fact that she so matter of factly assumes my love for her just melts me. 

I'm by no means a perfect mom. Some days I'm the worst. But my kid knows she's loved.

That's enough for me. 

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