Saturday, October 10, 2015

ain't nobody got time for that

*I received product samples in exchange for my honest opinion.

Yes. I did just title my post that.

But I'm talking nails. As in I keep trying to do mine and five minutes after I paint them I end up needing to nurse/change/procure a snack for one of my tiny humans and end up with smeared, chipped or otherwise ruined nails. The first month of school I rocked some half-peeled blue sparkle polish because I didn't have time to repaint and I was too lazy to find the polish remover. It was classy.

BrandBacker was kind enough to send me some samples of imPress press on nails to try out which I figured was a no brainer due to the aforementioned nail situation. Here's the deal:


  • Super easy. I'm talking 5 minutes from opening the box to moving on with your day
  • Those bad boys are stuck on tight. which means I went straight from pressing the nails on to typing on the laptop without hesitation.
  • Easy. I half read the instructions and still managed to make it work
  • No drying time: which is where my manicures usually bite the dust. 
  • They're pretty and shiny- when my manicures are usually semi-streaky and uneven.
  • Easy to remove- I haven't taken the off yet, but I did screw one up and it was easy to peel off
  • Several of my natural nails were longer than the press-ons... which probably just means I need to cut my nails more often
  • Even though they come with 24 nails per pack, I still had a couple that didn't have a great fit... not sure if that's a common issue or I just have weird size nails
  • If you accidentally put them on crooked or otherwise wrong, peeling them off to replace bends the nail up a bit.

The pros absolutely outweigh the cons and I like my imPress manicure. I received two different colors, and went with the darker ones this time around, but once I take these off, I'm excited to try out the light tan colored ones I got too.

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  1. I have never had good luck with these. They have ALWAYS fallen off within a few hours. I put some on the morning I went to Disneyland once and I had lost 4 by lunchtime. Such a bummer


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