Sunday, February 21, 2016

3 Faves

These are a few of my favorite things (tell me you just sang that? Just me?)

1) Corn Bags- A student gave me these two creepy-adorable corn bags and I've only ever used them when achy and ill, but the other night Drew warmed them up and brought them to bed and oh my cozy amazingness. They make the whole bed warm and are awesome to snuggle or rub cold toes on (way better then Drew's legs), so now we pop them in the microwave every night before bed. We forgot to one night and were both super bummed and chilly... though not enough so to haul our lazy butts out of bed to get them

Sweater: Old Navy
Leggings: c/o
Baby: Homemade 
2) Leggings- I know I'm not alone in this obsession, but I wear leggings pretty much every second I'm not at work. I've probably got about 20 pairs right now and constantly feel like I need more, so this week after much research on "best leggings on Amazon" and "cheap leggings that are amazing" I found these bad boys that sounded too good to be true. At $30 for 6 pairs I couldn't pass them up so I clicked a little Amazon Prime and anxiously awaited their arrival 2 days later. They're not as amazing as I had hoped (nothing compares to my Marika Tek leggings I got 2 years ago. Which I sadly can't find anymore despite searching everywhere). 
Sweater: Still Old Navy
Leggings: D & K
Dirty mirror: c/o my 16th birthday 

The description said they're thick enough to wear as pants and while I'm not 100% on board with the leggings-as-pants trend I totally do it all the time. They're not quite thick enough to wear sans-butt-covering-top, but they are the most amazingly comfortable leggings I've ever worn and the waistband is incredibly soft and forgiving (read: no muffin top). For $5 a pair, I can't complain, but if you know other cheapies that are more amazing I can try, let me know... or if you've found my beloved Marika Teks hiding out there on me.

3) Facewash- I'm constantly on the look out for a facewash that doesn't dry out my super-sensitive skin and maybe helps with the redness I seem to constantly sport. This may be it. Brandbacker sent me Oz Naturals Ocean Minerals Facial Cleanser to review. I was unsure at first, because days 1-3 it made my skin feel super dry and uncomfortable, but just as I was giving up, day 4 my skin felt awesome. Even better? It's available on Amazon Prime which I'm obsessed with since we signed up in December because I hate paying shipping, but love getting things in 2 days. 

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