Sunday, February 28, 2016

For posterity and all

You know you're failing as a mom when your kid's Facebook birthday invite reads "There would have been an actual invitation, but, you know, second child and all". That pretty much sums up poor Bentley's life thus far. Where Fynn had her monthly update posts go up within a day or so of her "birthday" each month... Bentley has not had an update since he was 6 months old. Fynn has a 1st year baby book full of stats, firsts, and pix... Bentley has an empty album tossed in a shoe box with a handful of pix I've actually printed. For posterity sake and before I forget all his milestones, here's a semi-update for each month from 7-11. Hopefully he'll be one of those boys who doesn't care about this crap and I'll be all set.

7 months (9/20/15):

By 7 months B was officially crawling up a storm and impressing people with his mad motor skills since he looked like he was only about 5 months old. He also started cruising along furniture at this point. This was also the month sleep went to crap. As soon as I went back to work at the end of August, he started getting up 4, 5, sometimes 8 times a night. It was not pretty. For me, Bentley was somehow fine with his pathetic amount of sleep and continued to be his happy, smiley, self.

8 months (10/20/15):

B started pulling himself up on everything within his grasp and cruising along furniture which made us all nervous about super early walking potential and the need for many, many baby gates. This month he also said "dada" for the first time when referring to Drew.

9 months (11/20/15): 

Finally got around to saying "Mama" and then didn't stop saying it for about three weeks straight. Sleep hit an all time low as he started sleeping in 45 minute stretches and we desperately grasped for any sleep tips we could find, and boy did we try them all. Through it all, all he wanted was to nurse all night long which was fine and all except that it meant no sleep for me and I became even more of a mess. But this is about Bentley. He was fine. Aside from crying all night if I wasn't holding/nursing him, he was still happy and content with the world. 

10 months (12/20/15):

We tried cry it out for the first time while Drew was on a work trip for a week and I was spending all of my time sobbing about how I couldn't even put my 10 month old down for 15 minutes without him screaming. Joke was on me though because cry it out just meant Bentley cried for an hour, threw up, and I caved because I am weak and because what kind of monster mom lets her kid scream until he pukes just because she wants 20 minutes of sleep? Back to co-sleeping on a mattress on the floor where I resigned myself to hating the rest of my life.

11 months (1/20/16): 

B started walking and went from one to two steps a day to running all over the place in the span of about a week. I honestly think that he was physically able to walk weeks to months before this, but just didn't have any interest, so he kept crawling. We attempted sleep training again, this time with a vengence as Drew was gone 2 out of 4 weeks this month and this mama couldn't handle it all (even with the amazing help of my mom who moved in with us for both week). After the first couple of nights of letting him scream while my heart broke, he finally figured out how to settle and fall asleep. It still took 5-10 minutes of crying/fussing, but he was sleeping for 3-5 hours at a time which was amazing.

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