Saturday, February 27, 2016


I want to get better at documenting all of the funny things Fynn says, because she constantly cracks us up and .01 people on the internet will be interested. 

While settling in for a snuggle on the couch with a blanket with my college mascot on it. Go Beavers! (No, I couldn't make that up):
Fynn: Wait, Wait, I can't see the fever
Me: The beaver?
Fynn: Yeah, the Bieber 
Me: [shudders at the thought of a blanket with Justin Bieber's face on it]

While watching a Doc McStuffins commercial:
Fynn: I want to have a little sister AND another little brother.
Me: I don't know kid, that's a lot of babies
Fynn: I just want one more then
Drew: No!

In the shower when I gave her some of my body wash
Fynn: You can put it on your butt, mom
Me: Thanks kid.

Talking about tumbling class:
Fynn: I'm a little nervous that you will leave me. Can you stand at the door until I tell you? 

After bringing me a handful of nasty, rotting leaves from the yard at daycare
Fynn: Isn't it nice I gives you my leaf allection? 

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