Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Love UR APparel

Yep, this is sponsored because LURAP sent me this dress in exchange for my review, and I'm not hating it. (The dress or the sponsorship)

If you haven't heard of LURAP before, it's a customized online clothing company with adorable clothes that you can alter to fit your size, shape, and style preferences. They have tons of adorable styles, and I had the hardest time choosing just one to review- ask Drew, I kept handing him the iPad with 20 tabs open of all the options I was considering such as this or this

Clearly Drew is not a fashion photographer
masking as a project manager.
Dress: c/o LURAP
Leggings: D & K via Amazon
Fuzzy socks: always
My co-model... because mommy can't do
anything in this house without friends joining.

Since it's winter and I'm getting into dresses lately, I went with the Star Crossed Jersey Dress. I kept the long sleeves and the original length of the dress after much debate, but I could have changed either which is pretty cool in my opinion. It also gave you a choice of pockets, but I always end up looking super wide in dresses with pockets, so I opted out.
Because my phone is full
 of selfies I never share

I love the color of this dress, and the cowl neckline which makes it just a little different. The fabric is not quite what I was expecting as it was called a jersey dress, so I thought it would be that soft floppy jersey-knit material. It's thicker than that and a little...shiny? I'm not sure what word I want to use, but we'll go with shiny. It's also not nursing/pumping friendly which means I can't wear it to work right now, but I'm hoping soon because I really want to wear it to work with some leggings and tall boots. Also, a note, you may want to order up a size. I ordered up a size larger than my usual, thinking it would be a bit big, but (as you can tell) it's not. 

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