Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Yesterday was just one of those days where I felt like it was "go, go, go" from the moment the alarm went off at 5:30 until I went to bed at 10. It wasn't a bad day, just a crazy busy one where I felt wiped, but still had tons to do.

The morning was our usual hectic for the days the kids go to daycare. Bentley slept like crap the night before (the sleep issues is a whole novel in itself), so he was sleeping in our room which meant tiptoeing around to get ready and still having him get up earlier then we wanted. Fynn was a grouch when I turned of her "chine" (aka, white noise machine) and I thought she was going to be a nightmare, but when I went downstairs to get ready, she got up, dressed, brushed her teeth and came down asking for "2 pony tails" which I, of course, obliged. After packing lunches (Drew and me), pump (me), workout gear (me again), winter gear (kids) and bottle (Bentley), we were able to scurry out the door at 6:39, a whole minute early. Go us!

Did my usual one-handed pumping session on the drive to work and got there with 10 minutes to spare before meeting with the new teacher I mentor. I spent those 10 minutes fighting with the copy machine, because c'est la vie of a teacher. Mentor meeting bled into student arrival. Prep period was spent observing the new teacher, followed by pumping. Was late to pick up my kids because I was pumping and didn't realize we had inside recess. Followed that up with lunch duty because what teacher doesn't love scarfing down her own lunch while watching 180+ 3rd-5th graders eating. 

Taught my afternoon classes. Pumped again. Changed and joined my BABS group (which stands for awesome ladies when you make it family-friendly) where we rocked out the Total Body Cardio Fix workout from the 21 Day Fix. By the end we were all soaked with sweat, but feeling pretty awesome. Hauled it out of there to pick up the kids and head home. We got home at 5:45 where I scrambled to get them fed, help Drew bring in groceries, and shower before 6:30 when Bentley NEED to go to bed. Was a little late, so I ended up not getting him down until 7. 

While I was doing that, Drew had to leave for a neighborhood board meeting, so I snuggled with Fynn for 20 minutes while we watch Sophia the First. At 7:30 I got her down, came downstairs washed my pump, picked up the kitchen, worked on a long-overdue blog post, made some dinner for me and Drew, graded 38 pre-and post- reading assessments, ate, and went to bed.

Why did I write all this?

No idea.

You're welcome. 

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