Monday, February 22, 2016

Winter Running Gear (in Maine)

While I'm no running expert, or even all that good at it, I have some serious must-have to make it work for me. Even though it's cold here in Maine, I actually prefer running in winter-mostly because I like wearing extra layers to cover up all my extra layers but also because I'm that masochist that loves the feeling of icy air burning her lungs when running. But only when running. When not running I just complain about how it's too cold here.

Anywho. Here are my Winter Running must haves:
Jacket: Nike
Tech shirt: via 5k race Drew and I did in Nov.
Leggings: c/o
Snuggles: courtesy of avoiding nap time

  1. Layers: Here I'm rocking two sports bras under a tank with a built in bra (damn nursing boobs) under a long-sleeved tech shirt under a running jacket. Yes, you read that right- 5 layers on the upper bod. I don't think I was overdoing it (sidenote: it was 50 degrees during this run yesterday... but the wind chill). On the bottom just my trusty fave yoga leggings I wrote about the other day. I need about 20 pairs of these because I wear them all the time. Oh, and of course some non-matching socks.
2. Sneaks. Obviously. These ones are NOT my favorites. They're Brooks and supposed to be super supportive and comfy but I mostly bought them because I liked the color accents and that was a mistake. They're heavier then my last pair of runners, were 3x more expensive and sometimes make my toes go numb. Alas, I spent mucho dinero on them, therefore they stay until they bite the dust.   

3. Funky headphones. I have no idea what this style is called, I just know they're the ear buds with wrap around doo-hickeys that make them actually stay in my ears. No matter what size earbuds (even those ones with multiple size options) I try, they don't stay in when I'm running. I don't now what that says about my ears, but so be it.

4. Jams. Right now Cheerleader hits in just as I'm getting to the crazy, steep, nightmare hills part of my run and it's just the pump up I need to make it up and not end up rolling back down the hill. Other faves right now include Beautiful Drug, Break Up in a Small Town, and Can't Hold Us Down circa '02. I never claimed to have good taste in music.

5. Fitbit Surge- Best Christmas gift ever from Mom and Dad. This bad boy tracks my daily steps, sleep patters (which are depressingly abysmal) and, better yet, GPS tracks my runs to tell me time, distance, speed, elevation, and probably a bunch of other stuff I haven't figured out yet. Basically it's the bees knees of running gear and I'm obsessed. 

Apart from the multiple layers, nothing on my list is really specific to cold-weather running, but all if it gives me the warm and fuzzies as I'm huffing, puffing, and blowing myself away with my speedy athleticism. Or not. 


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