Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Photo-Dropping it like it's hot- Round 1

Months of not blogging has left me with a plethora of images in need of sharing. Here it goes (and I think they're in order):

Hanging out in the driveway with my little man while his sister takes a much needed nap

Boys and their trucks

Home Depot Projects

 We took a visit to a (semi-) nearby animal sanctuary. And only semi-regretted the 2+ hours in the car each way.

Babywearing at the zoo. Love our Tula

Kid meeting kid (I couldn't help myself)

Naptime near the tigers


There have been lots of tandem-wearing walks
which has really helped me get back into shape

Of course we had the obligatory fall apple-picking which was hated by all children involved.

 And because he is so happy, and so stinking cute, some pix of the little dude.

Halloween brought us a princess fairy (in all pink, naturally) and a recycled monkey costume that was just a little too big.

B is suitably unimpressed that his sister wore it first. 

Bentley loves to help empty the dishwasher which means a change of clothes and dirty dishes.

Their faces. Love them.

When aunties babywear

Went to an over the top birthday party where a princess visited and Fynn was in girly-girl heaven.

Still many more pictures to come... but sleep first, because there's never enough of that in this household. 

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