Saturday, March 5, 2016

Some Days

Some days, no matter how bright they appear in the early hours, end up sucking all the life out of you. Obviously, today was one of those days. The anticipation was great; Drew was taking both kids to a local boat show giving me 2 hours of precious (and exceedingly rare!) time to myself. I was going to run. And take a nice long shower with no tiny humans either joining me or yelling at me. If, after all that, I was still feeling ambitious, I was going to do some grading or clean the kitchen.

Of course, that didn't happen. With the wind chill, it was too cold to run (even for me). My DVD workouts kept skipping (I blame the crappy $20 DVD player we've had since college), and just as I got out of the shower (which was blissful, I'll admit that wen't exactly as I had hoped), Drew called to say they were "coming in hot" because Fynn desperately needed to pee. Oh and that the excursion had been a nightmare due to one overtired 3 1/2 year old who melted down publicly several times. 

Bentley took a lovely 30 minute car nap which mean the afternoon nap wasn't going to happen. Fynn has become a non-napper 90% of the time and today was nothing new except she needed one. The rest of the day was spent with whining, fighting, and Fynn being a sassy little brat over and over again.

The one perk to days like this? By 6:30 both kids were in bed. 

To make things better, let me just share what I wore to work on Friday... because I clearly have no shame (both at work, and on the internet) 
Penguin Footie Jammers and Pearls. Obviously.

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