Friday, March 25, 2016

The second snow day this week

At 5:31 this morning my phone rang. It was school. Immediately the am I late for work? Why would they be calling me? Crap, am I getting fired circled my mind because paranoid is my middle name. Alas, it was a snow day. Which took me completely off guard because there was no snow. We had a snow day Monday for that storm, and apparently the rain/ice for today lead to some treacherous roads- I wouldn't know, I've been cozy at home with the kids and the wood stove. 

I'm a little bummed. I've got things to do at work. We were in a good flow... also I wanted to get out of school early this summer because, duh, summer. 

Mimi project: Fun and tasty
Not going to hate on an extra day home with the babies though. We played with Play-Doh, read books, painted, colored, rode bikes in the living room (because who doesn't ride bikes in the house?) and then... I was out of ideas. And it was only 11 am.

In comes my saving grace. Drew's mom called to see if it was okay for her to come over and hang out a bit/do an Easter project with Fynn. I'm hoping she couldn't tell that I was doing a happy dance while on the phone with her. Mimi came over, a grand time was had by all, and it lasted until nap time.

And here we are at 3 pm. Bentley is sleeping, Fynn is singing to herself in bed, and I'm on the phone with the hospital about the bill from when Bentley was born that they have screwed up at least 6 times and still claim we owe them money. Even though we've paid it. And the kid is more than a year old. 

Fun stuff

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