Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The training you never want to use

While feeding the kids dinner tonight, Bentley got that unmistakable look; the bulging, panicked eyes as he tried to reach towards me. Without even thinking, I had him out of his high chair, was doing back blows, and suddenly he was breathing again. No more then 5 seconds had passed, yet somehow I aged about 15 years.

All the years I did CPR/First Aid training, and this is the first time I really needed to use that knowledge for more than a scrape or a bee sting.

I'm just so thankful that all the training stuck, and I was able to act on instinct, rather than thinking about the right thing to do in the moment.

And now that it's over, and both kids are safely in bed, and Drew is on his way home with some dinner... I'm going to binge watch some Fuller House and binge eat some Oreos. I think both are well-deserved. 

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