Tuesday, September 13, 2016

For non-makeup people- flawless skin from Studio Gear

As much as I've blogged about and reviewed make up over the last couple of years, I actually don't wear much of it. Around the house or just out and about with the kids, I usually don't wear any. For work or even when I want to look nice, foundation/powder and mascara are the extent of my make up repertoire. When I get samples to try, I love to play around, but I actually don't really know what I'm doing the majority of the time.

When I was contacted to review Studio Gear's new Mineral Wet and Dry Powder Foundation, I wasn't even sure what shade to go with. For the past 4-5 years now I've stuck with a certain brand and shade without fail because I knew it matched my skin tone and it was easy to purchase when I ran out. The lovely Megan over at Studio Gear was super helpful in helping me match my old mineral foundation to the Studio Gear brand shade (it's bisque by the way, because I'm as pale as pale can be... even with my summer "tan").

The awesome people over at Studio Gear sent me the foundation, a Revitalizing Day Serum and this super cool brush called #3 Domed Foundation Brush. 

The foundation: Okay, so the color so does not look like it will match my skin tone when it's in the jar. It's a little yellow-tinged and looking at made me a little nervous. In fact, I waited about a week after getting it before I actually tried it because I didn't want to "waste" a make up application if I was going to end up washing it off. As soon as I tried it though, I was proven wrong. It matched perfectly and blended just right. I don't get how mineral foundation really works because it seems like it should make your skin dry, but instead just looks awesome. The proof? Check out these gorgeous pix from my 30th birthday. Obviously my stellar good looks play a role, but the make up doesn't hurt. 

The brush:I think the brush is key in the flawless application. I just dip it in the powder, tap off the excess, and then buff it onto my face. No fancy moves or shades or other games. Just gently buff it on and call it a day. This brush that they sent me is super soft and sweeps across my face as though there's nothing on it... yet leaves my skin looking awesome. I just don't get it.

The serum: They tell me this serum can be used 2 ways: over moisturizer or mixed with the powder foundation. I'm not fancy at all, so I just put it on over my moisturizer at night and I've found over the last three weeks of daily use that my skin appears smoother and less red-tinted since using this. While it's not to the point that I can go to work without any make up on, it's getting there. 

The verdict: I think I may be a convert. My skin just feels better than with my old brand and I think I look pretty awesome. It's more expensive than my old drug store brand... but I'm learning more and more that you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to your skin. I can easily buy online on their website (now that I know what shade to go with). They also have a subscribe and save option where you can save $3 on each purchase and have it automatically delivered every 30, 60, or 90 days. You can also check out their website and YouTube tutorial for tips and  ideas for how to use it.

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