Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Babies,Nursing, and Breast Pumps, oh my! Win a $50 gift card

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Bentley is not even 2 yet, and I'm having a little, maybe a lot of, baby fever. Perhaps it's because he's been such an independently un-baby baby, perhaps it's because when Fynn was his age we decided that we were going to start trying for a second (and 6 weeks later found out I was pregnant!), it could also because a woman I work with is about to pop any day and I'm feeling a little jelly belly about her adorable belly and the excitement of it all, but really, it's probably because Bentley stopped nursing about 2 months ago so I officially feel like I no longer have a baby. (and no, I don't plan on having another one any time soon!) 

For me, the weaning phase seems to be the end of thinking of my child as a baby anymore. It just seems so big, so grown up, so toddler/big kid. Such an ending. Not that we weren't ready. In September, I knew the end was near when we were just nursing before sleep. So when we had back to back weekends where the kids spent the night at grandparents' houses (yay for birthday getaway weekends and early morning half marathon races... I guess), it wasn't a surprise that Bentley lost interest in nursing after that and we just seamlessly stopped. It was a good ending, but it was a little sad.
Some of my pumping supplies that were such
a part of daily life for almost 20 months

My life for the last 4 1/2 years has revolved around either being pregnant or nursing. So it's weird not to be thinking about what the best hand breast pump is or how many ounces of expressed milk I needed to have stashed in the freezer... come to think of it, I think I still have 8-10 oz left. I digress. As usual.

The point of all this rambling is that we're done. Nursing that is. And while I'm relieved to have my body to myself (oh what a wonderful feeling that is!), It's also a little of a let down, because nursing was our snuggle time, and now that we're done, there are far fewer snuggle-fests then I would like. I also now have to worry about whether he's getting enough to eat which I never worry about when nursing because of all the benefits of breastfeeding past infancy and the reassurance that he was getting his calories from somewhere. B's pediatrician had us all worried for a few months because he had "fallen off the grown charts", but he's gaining well, super smart, and breastfed (or formally breastfed) babies tend to have slightly different growth charts than their formula fed peers, so I'm not worried.

Now, for the fun part. A giveaway! Because it's been way too long since I've hosted on and it's about time to share. The prize? Glad you asked. It's for a $50 gift card which just about everyone can use at this time of the year- because Christmas is expensive yo, even when you swear it's going to be a low-key, not going overboard, kind of Christmas... yeah, right. So enter it up in the Rafflecopter below by commenting, sharing, and visiting me on Facebook.

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  1. When they went from calling me "mommy" to just "mom". It was sad.

  2. I realized that my son wasn't a baby anymore when he started using 3-4 words in a "sentence."

  3. My baby wasnt a baby when they start asking for things with attitude :)

  4. Similar to your Bentley, my second little guy seems to have always wanted to be a big boy. He loves to keep up with his brother and was always ready to move on to the next milestone. I stopped nursing (pumping) when he turned one and I think that's when I really felt like he was no longer a baby.

  5. I knew my baby wasn't a baby anymore when she no longer wanted the bottle.

  6. Thankfully my baby is still a baby! I don't even want to think about my little baby getting older.

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