Sunday, December 11, 2016

Most of my Christmas shopping is being done online. Because I hate people

Every year I have the great intention of starting Christmas shopping early. In August Drew and I are always "we should start now with some little stuff, just to get going" and then December 1st we're all "crap, wth happened?"

Every. Single. Year.

Last year we joined Amazon Prime because we were so late getting started and we didn't have time to go to the stores and wander around with no ideas. That was awesome. Also we both hate crowds and stores at Christmas time are the anxiety-filled clusters that make me want to become an Alaskan homesteader... except without that cold Alaska piece. 

This year UncommonGoods contacted me for a sponsored post which at least got me thinking about Christmas gifts a little earlier AND I found some awesome personalized gifts on their site that are perfect for a couple of hard to shop for family members. 

That was awesome, and at least got a few gifts out of the way before December hit.  Of course, then I found all kinds of stuff I want, especially the items you can customize because I'm a sucker for personalized gifts-if it can say my name on it, I want it. If it doesn't say my name on it, then I like things like this sweet key holder that can come in the state of your choice. Maybe I would actually be able to find my keys if I got this...nope, probably not. 1) I'd never remember to put my keys there and 2) my behemoth set of everykeyintheworld would never stay no matter how hardcore the magnet is. 

Aside from their awesome product choices, I can totally stand behind their commitment to sustainability and being a positive and rewarding place to work. Check out their commitment to customers, employees, and communities here

I loved my experience working with UncommonGoods and will absolutely keep them in mind for future gifts. I'm also glad their opportunity came when it did because it's December 11th and we're 3/4 of the way through our Christmas shopping which is an unprecedented accomplishment for us. A little more online shopping and maybe (maybe) one journey out into the big bad world of real-life stores and we can call this Christmas shopping a wrap... except for all the wrapping that will ensue. 

I am curious though... all these people who are done before December or at least early in the month, how do you do it? How do you plan what to buy and actually buy it? Teach me your secrets because the stress of gift buying every year wears me out. 

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